Welcome to my new website here at!  I’m excited and optimistic but also realistic in the sense that the Internet is vast, and information is beyond plentiful.  I know it can be overwhelming and difficult to be found online but in order to be found one has to stop hiding.  And that is where I find myself these days. 

I maintained a website and an Etsy shop for many years without any significant success and so some months ago I pulled the plug.  In many ways it was freeing to let go.  You see while I didn’t sell much, and the fees on Etsy absorbed any of the would-be profits… I was on the Internet offering what I had to sell.  To say my Etsy experience was discouraging would be an understatement.  And so, after the plug was pulled, I was free.  Free to just be me and paint for a while without any judgment or expectation.  It has been really nice. 

But eventually I knew that I would need to jump back in and that’s where I am now.  My son, Jonathan (JEG Design), is helping me through the process of getting this Shopify store set up and I am grateful. 

As I navigate the learning curve there is hope to be offering more creative, unique and fun designs in the future but I’m starting where I am and that feels good.  I follow a YouTube Channel - Good Simple Living – who has some great content… anyway as they closed one of their videos they shared this valuable nugget of wisdom…

Our soul needs three things: something to love; something to do; and something to hope for.

 I love, I do and I hope! 

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