Why Paint?  Why Teach?

Why Paint? Why Teach?

I believe my creative journey started when I was born.  God created me this way and I am grateful.  I can’t remember when I wasn’t being creative in some way or other.  Whether it was painting, drawing or spinning a yarn to tell my mother, I’ve always been creative.   

When my sister, Bethy, was going through my parents’ papers some time ago, she found this little letter that I’d written to my father.  We were moving from Seattle to Huntsville, Alabama and my father went ahead of us to find a place to live and start work.  I would guess my mom told us to write letters to Daddy and so we did… Here’s mine!

Remember I was seven… doing my “artwork” and whatever “cork printing” might be.

I believe – at least it’s true for me – that having a creative outlet just makes my life better.  The key for each of us is to find our medium.  Find that thing that we want to do.  Find that thing that we need to do and then do it.  Do it even if we fail.  Do it even if we don’t feel like what we produce… do it for fun and do it for purpose. The rewards are great and then when you get the opportunity ... share.

The Right Teacher at the Right Time!

My first real introduction to watercolor painting was at an adult education class in my local community.  My teacher – Karen Rosasco - was encouraging and nice even when I knew my stuff was not so great.  But I kept at it and these days I feel confident enough to teach a few beginner and intermediate watercolor classes.  From time-to-time I will have enough students for a small class, and we will gather at a local spot.  I also teach one or two students at a time and either way it is rewarding for me to see the progress made by each person.  I only hope they get as much from the classes as I do!

In closing I’d like to encourage you to find your thing and then do it with great abandon that is unless it’s illegal and then I’d say find some other thing to do!

Please enjoy these two ladies' artwork - Shirley (L) and Janice (R)!

*Note:  If you’d like to be put on the list for a future series of classes or the list for one-on-one painting, please be sure to email me and I will provide details.


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